Simlar-F 180mm F1.5 Tokyo Kogaku 1942
Simlar-F 180mm F1.5 Tokyo Kogaku 1942

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Simlar-F 180mm F1.5 Tokyo Kogaku No. 5 1942

Information Wanted

Yes, I need your help. INFORMATION WANTED!!
A big lens came to my home.
Her name is Tokyo Kogaku Simla-F 180mm F1.5.
She is stored in a beautiful wooden box.
The following characters are engraved to the lens.

Simlar-F 1:1.5 f=180mm
Tokyo Kogaku
No. 5

The mark of triangular Tokyo Kogaku is engraved at the end.
And, a name plate is put up to the wooden box.
The following characters are engraved for the name plate.

Tokyo Kogaku Kogyo Kabusiki Kaisya Seizoh
Dai 5 Goh
Showa 17 Nen 3 Gatsu Sei.

Made by Tokyo Optical Industries Company Limited
Number 5
Manufacturing in March 1942

Showa is the name of the time span or the imperial title of the Emperor Hirohito(1901-1989) of Japan. Years spanned from 1925 to 1989.
Showa 17 is 1942.
Years in Japan are linked to the current Emperor, Hesei in this case.
Currently, 2004 is Heisei 16.

I Need Your Help

This lens was manufactured in Japan in the World War II.
However, I do not have information on this lens.
Please contact me kindly if you have information.

Where was she born?
What is the purpose of this lens?
Is it for the recon airplane?
Or, is it for the scientific research?

I want to investigate this lens.
And then, I hope to praise this lens.

Thank you.

Michio Akiyama

Lens, Wooden Box and Caps

Weight 4.5kg !! ( 9.9 pound ) Compare with Nikon F

Made by Tokyo Kogaku K.K. No. 5, Syowa 17 (1942) March

Hard Wooden Box with Gold Screwed

Good Shape, Simlar-F 180mm F1.5 1942

Nice Vintage, Simlar-F 180mm F1.5 1942


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