Ultra Micro Nikkor 155mm Amida Turbo Lens

Ultra Micro Nikkor 155mm F4 Amida Turbo Lens

Ultra Micro Nikkor 155mm F4, Meet the Amida Imagine

Amida Zigeunerweisen
Tokyo Roentgen City
Extra Gland
The Ultra Micro Nikkor 155mm F4 Turbo Lens

Ultra Micro Nikkor 155mm F4, Tokyo Roentgen City

Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 155mm F4

One of the extra gland lens for the Ultra-Micro-Nikkor series.
Someone said that it is the Amida Imagine of the Far East.
It was introduced in the 1960's latter period from Nippon Kogaku, Japan.
The Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 155mm F4 consisted of seven elements set in a black painted barrel with special 72 mm screw thread.
The rim of the lens is engraved as " β=1/10" with red character.
The Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 155mm F4 used 72mm accessories.
A Nikon 72 mm filter, for example, a Nikon 72 mm L37C filter is just fit to it.
You can see very beautiful and mysterious purple coating on the lens.

Its large 80 mm circle image area ideally suits it to the making of photomasks for large pattern unit LSI manufacturing processes.
With its standard 1/10 magnification, the lens guarantees resolving power of 200 lines/mm over a 80 mm circle image area, 300 lines/mm or more over a 56 mm circle image area.

Ultra Micro Nikkor 155mm F4, Full Outfit with Wooden Box


Focal length 154.4 mm
Max. aperture f/11
Lens construction 7 elements, 4 groups
Standard magnification 1/10X
Standard wavelength 546 nm (e-line)
Vignettings 0%
Distortion +0.02% (56 mm circle)
Distortion -0.03% (80 mm circle)
Aerial resolving power 300 lines/mm (F4)
Aerial resolving power 200 lines/mm (F5.6)
Image area 56 mm circle (F4)
Image area 80 mm circle (F5.6)
Subject area 560 mm circle (F4)
Subject area 800 mm circle (F5.6)
Overall working distance 1822 mm
Weight 1,090 g

High Resolution Super Turbo Lens

How to use the Ultra-Micro-Nikkor

I custom made the Nikon mount adapter to use the Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 155mm F4 lens.

Custom Made Nikon Mount Adapter for Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 155mm F4

Ultra Micro Nikkor for Rail Photo

Turbojet Lens Ultra Micro Nikkor

Gorgeous Deep Lens Coating

Enjoy the Ultra-Micro-Nikkor Lens

Plesase enjoy the some photographs taken by the Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 155mm F4 Lens.
You can get the large size image by clicking on the following some photographs.

Custom Made Lens Mount Adapter and Nikon Camera

Nikon Camera with Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 155mm F4

Positive Silence in Late Fall (Click on the image)

Sound of Deep Green (Click on the image)

Nikon Camera with Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 135mm F4

Beautiful Wind (Click on the image)

Beautiful Landscape (Click on the image)

Beautiful Sound (Click on the image)

Beautiful Time (Click on the image)

Beautiful Life (Click on the image)


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