Ultra Micro Nikkor 135mm F4 Cool Summer

Ultra Micro Nikkor 135mm F4 Cool Summer

Ultra Micro Nikkor 135mm F4 Cool Summer

Amazing Grace
Far Eastern Mystery
Nippon Kogaku Gland Lens
Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 135mm F4 Heartland

Summer Grass and Super Lens, Ultra Micro Nikkor 135mm F4

Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 135mm F4

Someone said that it is the mystery of the Far East.
One of the more graceful and rare lens for the Ultra-Micro-Nikkor series.
It was introduced in 1965 from Nippon Kogaku, Japan.
The Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 135mm F4 consisted of seven elements set in a black painted barrel with 62mm screw thread.
The rim of the lens is engraved as " M=1/25" with red character.
The Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 135mm F4 used 62mm accessories.
A Nikon 62mm filter, for example, a Nikon 62mm L37C filter is just fit to her.
You can see very beautiful and mysterious purple coating on the lens.

Beautiful Black Painted Barrel

Far Eastern Mysteryr Lens


Focal length 136 mm
Max. aperture f/11
Lens construction 7 elements, 4 groups
Standard magnification 1/25X
Standard wavelength 546.1 nm (e-line)
Vignettings 0%
Distortion +0.02% (F4)
Distortion -0.03% (F5.6)
Aerial resolving power 330 lines/mm (F4)
Aerial resolving power 200 lines/mm (F5.6)
Image area 50 mm circle (F4)
Image area 64 mm circle (F5.6)
Subject area 1250 mm circle (F4)
Subject area 160 0mm circle (F5.6)
Overall working distance 3640 mm
Weight 750 g

High Resolution Super Lens 1965

How to use the Ultra-Micro-Nikkor

I custom made the Nikon mount adapter to use the Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 135mm F4 lens.

Custom Made Nikon Mount Adapter for Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 135mm F4

Nikon Camera with Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 135mm F4

Enjoy the Ultra-Micro-Nikkor Lens

Plesase enjoy the some photographs taken by the Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 135mm F4 Lens.
You can get the large size image by clicking on the following some photographs.

Nippon Kogaku Gland Lens Ultra-Micro-Nikkor

Blue and White Sky (Click on the image)

Blue and White Sky (Click on the image)

Rail Photo (Click on the image)

Lycoris Radiata, Red Spider Lily, Higanbana (Click on the image)

Autumn Red Flower (Click on the image)


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