Ultra Micro Nikkor 125mm F2.8 Smart Lens

Ultra Micro Nikkor 125mm F2.8 Smart Lens

Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 125mm F2.8, the God with Golden Sunset

Extreme High Resolution Lens

High End Super Nikkor
In a Dream, Sunset of the Lens
Extreme High Resolution
The Ultra-Micro NIKKOR 125mm F2.8

Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 125mm F2.8

The Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 125mm F2.8 was introduced in 1965 from Nippon Kogaku.
The most beautiful lens in the Ultra-Micro-Nikkor lenses.
The Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 125mm F2.8 is very expensive if you find but also it is hard to find and an unused lens is very difficult.
If you mount this super lens on your Nikon camera, you can feel the wind from Neptune.

Super High Resolution Ultra-Micro-Nikkor Lens

Historical Great Ultra-Micro-Nikkor Lens


Focal length 125.0 mm
Max. aperture f/2.8
Min. aperture f/8
Lens construction 7 elements, 6 groups
Standard magnification 1/25X
Standard wavelength 546.1 nm (e-line)
Vignettings 0%
Distortion -0.3%
Aerial resolving power 400 lines/mm (28 mm circle)
Image area 28 mm circle
Subject area 700 mm circle
Overall working distance 3364 mm
Weight 695 g

How to use the Ultra-Micro-Nikkor

I custom made the Nikon mount adapter to use the Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 125mm F2.8 lens.

Custom Made Nikon Mount Adapter for Ultra-Micro-Nikkor

Nikon Mount Adapter for Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 125mm F2.8

Nikon Camera with Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 125mm F2.8

Nikon F6 and Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 125mm F2.8

Enjoy the Ultra-Micro-Nikkor Lens

Plesase enjoy the some photographs taken by the Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 125mm F2.8 Lens.
You can get the large size image by clicking on the following some photographs.

Spring Flower Festivals in Japan

Sakura Cherry Blossom and Nikon

Sakura Cherry Blossom in Japan (Click on the image)

Sakura Cherry Blossom in Japan (Click on the image)

Spring Flower and Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 125mm F2.88

Spring Flower in Japan (Click on the image)

Beautiful Lens and Nikon


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