Ultra Micro Nikkor 28mm F1.7e Sound of Surf Beach

Ultra Micro Nikkor 28mm F1.7e Sound of Surf Beach

Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 28mm F1.7e Sound of Surf Beach

Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 28mm F1.7e

The Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 28mm F1.7e lens was designed for manufacturing the integrated circuit and other image reduction technologies.
One of the more fantastic and rare lens for the Ultra-Micro-Nikkor series.
This lens has the Leica L39 screw thread.
The Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 28mm F1.7e used 40.5mm accessories.
A Nikon 40.5mm reversing adapter is just fit to it.
You can see mysterious red coating on the lens.
I love the Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 28mm F1.7e very much.

The rim of the lens is engraved as "Ultra-Micro-NIKKOR 1:1.7 f=28mm M=1/10 e 322382 Nikon" with white painted character.
Therefore, the lens is highly efficient and a distortion is -0.005%!!!
You can make the fantastic legend with this Zen black lens.

Rail Trip with Ultra-Micro-Nikkor

Typical Japanese Beach

Ultra-Micro-Nikkor and Sea

Return from Sea

Relax for Beer

Japanese Traditional Dinner

Sashimi of Japan is also a delicious, and this lens is good taste.
Slices of very fresh raw fish, Sashimi is a popular dish of Japan.
In the wooden model ship, you will see the Sashimi dinner.
Sashimi dinner and the Super Nikkor lenses are the Japanese traditional arts.

Special Appetizer Lens

Very Fresh Raw Fish Sashimi and Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 28mm F1.7e


Focal length 28.7 mm
Max. aperture f/1.7
Lens construction 10 elements, 8 groups
Standard magnification 1/10X
Standard wavelength 546.1 nm (e-line)
Vignettings 0%
Distortion -0.005%
Aerical resolving power 700 lines/mm (8 mm circle)
Aerical resolving power 800 lines/mm (6 mm circle)
Image area 8 mm circle
Subject area 80 mm circle
Overall working distance 315 mm
Weight 465 g

Filter Attachment Size of 40.5mm

L39 Leica Thread Mount

Zen Black and Red Eye Lens, Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 28mm F1.7e

Recent Photograph

I'll show you a life of the recent Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 28mm F1.7e lens.

Ultra-Micro-Nikkor 28mm F1.7e in a Summer Place


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