EL Nikkor 105mm F5.6 Mountain Hood

EL Nikkor 105mm F5.6 Mountain Hood

EL Nikkor 105mm F5.6 Mountain Hood

EL Nikkor 105mm F5.6

EL Nikkor lenses are designed primarily for photographic enlargers.
The aberration of the EL Nikkor lenses has been corrected for a short focusing distance according to their designed magnifying power, and differs from photographing lenses which are corrected for infinity.
EL Nikkor lenses can also be used for specific projection and close-up photography as they process a high resolution throughout a wide range of wave length.

EL Nikkor 105mm F5.6 Autumnal Colors


EL Nikkor 105mm F5.6

Focal length 105 mm
Max. aperture f/5.6
Min. aperture f/45
Lens construction 6 elements, 4 groups
Standard magnification 5X
Range of magnification ratio 2X - 10X
Picture angle 56°
Correction wavelength range 380 nm - 700 nm
Subject size 65 X 90 mm (111.0 mm circle)
Overall working distance 756 mm
Vignetting 0% at f/8
Distortion +0.009%
Weight 160 g

EL Nikkor 105mm F5.6 Autumn in Full Swing

EL Nikkor 105mm F5.6 Gold Autumn Leaves

Nikon PK-12, Focusing Helicoid and EL Nikkor

EL Nikkor 105mm F5.6 Weekend Picnic

Kawaii Small Cute Mountain Food

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