Printing Nikkor 150mm F2.8 Optical Fantasy
Printing Nikkor 150mm F2.8 Optical Fantasy

Printing Nikkor 150mm F2.8 Optical Fantasy

Pure Apochromat Heavy Macro Lens
Printing Nikkor 150mm F2.8 Optical Fantasy
Camellia Red Garden

Printing Nikkor Lenses

Printing Nikkor Lenses are designed for precision optical printing where extremely high resolution, zero distortion and minimal aberations are required.
These lenses virtually eliminate all optical, especially chromatic, aberations.
All Printing Nikkor lenses provide outstanding performance at the specified standard magnification, as well as the entire usable magnification range.

In 1968 Tokyo, Nippon Kogaku released four kinds of Printing Nikkor lenses to the professional and critical market.
They were Printing Nikkor 75mm F2.8, 95mm F2.8, 105mm F2.8 and 150mm F2.8.
A lot of the cinefilm printing laboratories accepted this wonderful high-end lens.
The movie "2001: A Space Odyssey" might have been copied with this super lens.
Maybe so, it's good!

Camellia Red Garden and Haik Poetic Lens

I took a picture of the camellia flower in the botanical garden in this lens and Nikon F.
Bellows PB-4 make the complete operation with Printing Nikkor 150mm F2.8.
A wonderful unbelievably color image dropped me to the dream.
Yes, it's real dream of the full color fantastic images.

I can generate the Haiku Poem with this lens.
The gland lens is Printing Nikkor 150mm F2.8.
Full color! Pure Apochromat! Zero distortion!
Haiku Poetic lens!!

Nikon Bellows PB-4 Make the Complete Operation with Printing Nikkor 150mm F2.8


I do'nt have the specification of this lens 150mm F2.8.
Then, I want to show you the specification of the second generation lens 150mm F2.8A.

Printing Nikkor 150mm F2.8A

Focal length :  149.8 mm
Max. aperture :  f/2.8
Min. aperture :  f/11
Lens construction :  14 elements, 6 groups
Usable magnification range :  1/1X
Corrected chromatic aberration range :  400nm - 800 nm
Vignettings :  0%
Distortion :  0.0000000000% (1/1X)
Aerial resolving power :  240 lines/mm (center, 1/1X)
Aerial resolving power :  170 lines/mm (88 mm⌀, 1/1X)
Image size :  88 mm⌀
Original size :  88 mm⌀
Image distance at standard magnification :  559.2 mm
Weight :  1,050 g
Price :  865,700 Japanese YEN (1994)

Printing Nikkor 150mm F2.8 and Original Blue Box

The lens is stored in a large blue box. Of course, the inspection card is attached to it. Chief inspector was signed on the inspection card with "M. Hirao". The name is Mr. Matsuo Hirao. At that time, he was a manager of the inspection team. He lives happily in Japan though he retired from Nippon Kogaku now. Thank you Hirao-san!!

Nikon BR-5 Ring and BR-2 Ring

Nikon BR-5 ring is used for reversing the 62mm diameter lens. And Nikon BR-2 ring is used for reversing the 52mm diameter lens. The BR-2 ring has F-mount. Both rings are sold in camera shop which you often visit.

Printing Nikkor 150mm F2.8 and BR-5 + BR-2 + M2 Ring

You can mount the Printing Nikkor 150mm F2.8 perfectly to Nikon F with BR-5 ring and BR-2 ring. When a Bellows PB-4 unit is used, an M2-ring is unnecessary.

Botanical Garden

I went to old botanical garden in Tokyo suburb with my Printing Nikkor 150mm F2.8 lens.

Old Thermometer and Printing Nikkor 150mm F2.8

I'm Off to Bed

Seedling Pots and Printing Nikkor 150mm F2.8

Fruit Museum

I visit to the fruit museum in botanical garden, and saw the collection of the print label.
They were labels pasted to the wooden box to store the fresh peach.
The label is old and has faded.
However, the picture of printed peach was young and juicy fresh.
I put the lens on the glass case where the label has been exhibited.
I put the lens. I put the Printing Nikkor 150mm F2.8 lens. That's all.
It was slow motion like the scene of the movie.
This lens is the movie.

Printing Nikkor and Collection of Printing Label in Fruit Museum

Printing Nikkor 150mm F2.8 Photography

I would like to show you the some photographs taken by the Printing Nikkor 150mm F2.8 Lens.
You can get the large size image by clicking on the following some photographs.

Yesterday's Sakura (Click on the image)

Today's Sakura (Click on the image)

Tomorrow's Sakura (Click on the image)


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