Repro Nikkor 170mm F1.4 Platinum Silver
Repro Nikkor 170mm F1.4 Platinum Silver

Repro Nikkor 170mm F1.4 Platinum Silver, Nippon Kogaku Japan Collector's Dream

Full Energy Platinum Silver Strong Philosophy
Repro Nikkor 170mm F1.4 Super High Speed Lens
Yes, F1.4 Nippon Kogaku Repro Nikkor 170mm F1.4 M=1

Repro Nikkor 170mm F1.4

One of the super rare lenses for the REPRO-Nikkor series.
The Repro-Nikkor 170mm F1.4 consisted of ten elements set in a big heavy weight and platinum silver gorgeous barrel.
The rim of the lens is engraved as "REPRO-NIKKOR 1:1.4 f=170mm M=1 Nippon Kogaku" with black painted character.
Therefore, the lens is highly efficient and a distortion is 0.0000000000000%!!!
You can see very beautiful and elegant gorgeous body of the super high resolution lens.
And, You can make the fantastic legend with this lens.

Mr. Chotoku Tanaka and His ALPA Society Japan

Chotoku-san and Repro Nikkor

The owner of this lens is Mr. Chotoku Tanaka.
Mr. Chotoku Tanaka is the most famous photo artist in Japan, for the people who like the camera.
We are calling him Chotoku-san affectionately.
Chotoku-san is supporting the mind of my Web site, RED BOOK NIKKOR.
Because he has very big power and passion he help my dreaming project which does not become money.
By the cooperation to me of Chotoku-san, the younger brother Repro-Nikkor 85mm F1.0 was able to meet the older brother Repro-Nikkor 170mm F1.4 once again.
It was a good story.

Platinum Silver Repro Nikkor 170mm F1.4


The hallmark of the Repro-Nikkor is aberration-free high-speed at 1 : 1 magnification in the 35mm film format.
In this circumstance the lens is unique.
Conventional close-up lenses lack the requisite speed.
And, since high-speed lenses made for general photography are optimized for infinity focus their aberrations are maximized at 1 : 1.
Certain specialized lenses, for example, those for copiers are made only as fast as f/5.6, largely because of the formidable difficulties of correcting aberrations at higher speeds.

Vietnam Vodka and Repro Nikkor

Repro Nikkor 170mm F1.4 Super High Speed Lens

Tsukishima Subway Station and Repro Nikkor


The special characteristics of the Repro-Nikkor make it the lens of choice for certain special categories of photography.

(1) Close-up phenomena under poor light conditions.
(2) Images or traces on cathode ray tube (CRT) screens.
(3) As a relay lens to receive virtually all the rays from a front lens system.
(4) Reproduction of original images already photographed on high resolution film with very high accuracy, full resolution, and precise focusing.

85mm F1.0 of Elder Brother's 170mm F1.4 and Younger Brother Met Again


Repro Nikkor 170mm F1.4

Focal length :  169 mm
Max. aperture :  f/1.4
Min. aperture :  f/8
Lens construction :  10 elements, 6 groups
Usable magnification range :  1 X
Corrected chromatic aberration range :  400 nm - 650 nm
Vignettings :  0% (at F1.7)
Distortion :  0.0000000000000%
Image size :  24 mm X 36 mm (43.2 mm⌀)
Image distance at standard magnification :  407 mm
Weight :  2,320 g
Price :  450,000 Japanese YEN (1969)
Price :  540,000 Japanese YEN (1974)

Repro Nikkor 170mm F1.4 Lens Construction

Repro Nikkor 170mm F1.4 Lens Construction

Repro Nikkor 170mm F1.4, Sound of Water from Lens

Special Thanks Mr. Chotoku Tanaka

Finally, I got the Repro Nikkor 170mm F1.4 lens from Mr. Chotoku Tanaka.
I returned to my home together with the Repro Nikkor 170mm F1.4 lens by Tokyo subway.

Tokyo Subway and Repro Nikkor

My Collection

This Repro Nikkor 170mm F1.4 lens is my collection now.
I live happily with Repro Nikkor 170mm F1.4 lens.

Summer Place with Repro Nikkor 170mm F1.4

Aluminum Front Cap and Leather Rear Cap

Nikon Camera and Repro Nikkor 170mm F1.4

Repro Nikkor 170mm F1.4 with Chrome Nikon F


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