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Thank you for visitting my website.
As you know Nippon Kogaku, K.K., Japan Optical Co., Nikon was formed on 1917.
Nikon is one of the optic equipment maker that represents Japan and also the world.
During my many years of researching about extreme high resolution Nikkor lenses, I could not find any information about those lenses on the Internet or books.
This is the reason why I establish this web site to all over the world.
This web site is dedicated to introduce varieties of extreme high resolution Nikkor lenses such as Ultra-Micro-Nikkor, REPRO Nikkor, CRT Nikkor, MACRO Nikkor, APO Nikkor, EL Nikkor, APO EL Nikkor, FR Nikkor, XERO Nikkor, COM Nikkor, and other industrial use super Nikkor lenses.

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Please feel free to link this site. I am glad to hear that you add the link.
However, all documents and images are not allowed to copy or publish in any reason.
Please contact me when you wish to publish books or magazines.

Site History

The site of this Japanese version has been opened to the public since October 2001.
The beginning was so simple. Couple of my friends asked me about Ultra-Micro-Nikkor lenses, so I answered "OK. Let me show you some pictures on my web site."
While all of this was going on, I had a great mind to add some comments to those pictures.
This is the true reason to establish of this web site.
An English version has been opened to the public since January, 2002.

Contact Information

My e-mail address is " hfd00673(at) (at)=@ ".
I'm sorry mail reply will be delay. For professional reasons, I won't answer any "buy or sell" mails, such as "How much did you pay for those lenses?" or "Can you sell those lenses to me?" and so on.

Michio Akiyama

Akiyama is a Japanese who lives in Japan.
He is the world expert in unusual Nikkor lenses. Also he is a collector of Ultra-Micro-Nikkor lenses and other High Resolution Super Nikkor lenses.
Akiyama took a picture of the image of this web site. Moreover, he is writing the articles.
He is a member of the Nikon Kenkyukai Tokyo and the Nikon Historical Society.

Akiyama Michio

hfd00673(at) (at)=@


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