Kiril-san's Super Collection from Beautiful Sweden

Kiril-san's Super Collection from Beautiful Sweden

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Micro Nikkor 70mm F5, Repro Nikkor 170mm F1.4 and his Samurai art Collection
Photo: Copyright (c) 2002, Kiril Arsov, Sweden, All Rights Reserved.

From Sweden

Mr. Kiril Arsov, Kiril-san is a super collector in Sweden.
He is collecting rare and unusual ultra high resolution Nikkor lenses.
He is my firend on Internet.

He was not able to talk about those lenses, and was collecting lenses alone.
No one understood the value of his collection.
Long time passed, and he and I encountered by the Internet.
I understood the value of his collection and I was surprised.
I hope to introduce his collection for friends all over the world.

Please look at the photograph above.
He has two Micro Nikkor 70mm F5 lenses.
A left lens is an early model, and has the mark named 7 cm on the face top.
A center lens is a later model, and has the mark named 70mm on the face top.
And then, a big lens is famous Repro Nikkor 170mm F1.4.

COM Nikkor 37mm F1.4 and Repro Nikkor 170mm F1.4 at Swedish Garden
Photo: Copyright (c) 2002, Kiril Arsov, Sweden, All Rights Reserved.

COM Nikkor 37mm F1.4

One of the more fantastic and rare lenses for the CRT Recording-Nikkor series.
The COM-Nikkor 37mm F1.4 consisted of eight elements set in a little heavy weight and silver tiny barrel.
The rim of the lens is engraved as "COM-NIKKOR 1:1.4 f=37mm M=1/8 Nikon" with white painted character.
Therefore, the lens is highly efficient and a distortion is +0.07%!!!
You can see very beautiful and elegant tiny body of the super recording lens.
And, You can make the fantastic legend with this lens.

These lenses are very unusual according to my reserching.
The person who has these two lenses might be a little also in the world.
However, I might be surprised more in this world.
If you see the following photograph, you might be surprised.

18 CRT Nikkor lenses and his Ultra Micro Nikkor Collection
Photo: Copyright (c) 2002, Kiril Arsov, Sweden, All Rights Reserved.

Yes, you can see 18 CRT Nikkor 55mm F1.2 lenses. 18 same lenses !!!
And then, you can see Ultra Micro Nikkor 28mm F1.8, 28mm F1.7 and 55mm F2.

Message from Kiril-san

Date: Sep 2002
From: "Kiril Arsov"
To: "Akiyama Michio"
Subject: A Star is Born, The King of all Kings

Dear Mr. Akiyama Michio,

My collection Spirit Feelings for the Super Nikkor Lenses is Misterious.
Mr. Akiyama Michio crashed my passion in fire for them with his burning love as All Nikkors Samurai with his unreserved share of knowlage writting on Internet.

For many, many years ago, I collected Leicas and Leitz accessories.
A friend to me, collected instead The Range Finder Nikon cameras and accessories.
He chose right, I chose wrong.
The time came, I found my self, I chose Right, I collect The Super Nikkor Lenses.

The King of the Kings, in the whole World!

Best regards

The Nikkor Brothers
Kiril Arsov

Special Thanks Mr. Kiril Arsov

Photo Images : Kiril Arsov, Uppsala/Sweden


Copyright (c) 2002, 2016 Michio Akiyama, Tokyo Japan, All Rights Reserved.